A table was thrown through the window of Morkes Chocolates, 11801 Main Street in Huntley, early Wednesday morning. | Photo: Morkes Chocolates of Huntley

Police say they have identified a suspect who vandalized a candy store in downtown Huntley by throwing a table through a storefront window Wednesday morning.

The incident happened early in the morning on Wednesday at Morkes Chocolates, 11801 Main Street in Huntley.

The business said they experienced a random act of vandalism while they were closed.

No one was injured and the Huntley Police Department was notified.

The business said they were not the intended target and the broken window was boarded up.

The incident did not affect Morkes Chocolates’ opening Wednesday morning.

“Your love and support and comments warm our hearts. Many thanks,” the business said to its customers on social media.

The Huntley Police Department said they were provided with video footage of the act.

Officers were able to successfully identify the suspect based on their investigation.

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Detectives obtained an arrest warrant and are in the process of locating the suspect.

Police say Morkes Chocolates does not appear to have been specifically targeted.

The video shows the suspect was engaged in an argument with another person and it ended with the suspect throwing the table through the store’s front window, police said.