Suspects battered two employees during an attempted robbery at The Freeze in Grayslake Monday evening. | Photo: The Freeze / Facebook

Two female employees were attacked, leaving one of them injured, during an attempted robbery at a popular ice cream shop in downtown Grayslake Monday.

The incident happened at The Freeze, located at 131 Hawley Street in Grayslake.

The owner of the business said the attempted robbery happened Monday evening after closing hours.

Two employees, who run the ice cream shop’s egg hunt, were attacked.

Police said both employees were seated in a personal vehicle in the parking lot when two male suspects approached them.

The suspects demanded money and punched one of the victims in the face through the open car window.

Officers responded and took one of the suspects, who fled on foot, into custody. The second suspect was later identified.

One of the employees suffered physical injuries. Paramedics were dispatched around 11:20 p.m. to evaluate the victim.

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The female victim did not require transport to the hospital.

“The health and well-being of these employees comes before anything,” the business said on social media.

The attack was unrelated to the business’ egg hunt but the event has been canceled due to the robbery.

“These two employees are like extended family to us and it pains me that this happened. We are across the street from the Fire Dept and like two to three blocks from the police station,” the business said.

“I have spent the last few days processing the event as well as what we need to do to create a safer environment,” the business owner added.

The owner said he was devasted but will “continue to strive to create the best customer and employee environment.”

He said that customers may notice some changes in response to the incident.

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A GoFundMe account has raised almost $5,000 for the business to help them increase security and pay for any medical bills the two employees may incur.

The Grayslake Police Department in a statement claimed “there was no danger to the general public” during the robbery.

Police said neither suspect has been charged yet but the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office will review the case next week.