File Photo | Photo: Nic Rosenau / Imagination Fair (via Flickr / Creative Commons)

Lake Forest police are urging students to not participate in a game called “paranoia,” which involves shooting other players with Nerf guns, due to “serious safety concerns.”

The Lake Forest Police Department said Wednesday that they have responded to several calls this week about a game high school seniors have been playing for years called “paranoia.”

The object of the game is to “tag” opposing team members with a soft projectile fired from a Nerf-type gun.

Players have been reportedly driving recklessly and shooting each other with Nerf guns, police said.

Some reports indicate the kids are running around neighborhoods on foot with flashlights, police said.

Parents are encouraged to discuss the games with their children and the “potentially serious consequences” of participating.

Lake Forest Community High School District 115 Principal Erin Lenart has expressed “serious concerns” about the safety of students as well as residents of the community.

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In prior years, schools on the North Shore have issued warnings to parents and students about the game.

The Lake Forest Police Department said they are discouraging student participation in the game for safety reasons, including the “potential for harmful incidents to occur.”