The bomb squad is investigating and working to remove an old anti-tank rocket found buried in a yard in the 25000 block of West 3rd Street in unincorporated Antioch Thursday morning. | Provided Photo

The bomb squad was called and residents have been evacuated after a homeowner found a possible World War II anti-tank rocket buried near Antioch Thursday morning.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office responded late Thursday morning to the 25000 block of West 3rd Street in unincorporated Antioch for a report of a suspicious item.

Lake County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chief Christopher Covelli said deputies arrived and found a possible World War II-era anti-tank rocket on the ground.

Residents in the immediate area were evacuated and the bomb squad was notified.

Covelli said the homeowner was doing yardwork when they found something with sharp edges sticking out of the ground.

The resident was curious and dug the item out of the ground. It is unknown how long the object was buried in the ground.

“It is also unknown if the object is inert or has the potential to explode,” Covelli said.

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The Waukegan Bomb Squad is currently on the scene and working to determine how to dispose of the item safely.

Covelli said additional information will be released as it becomes available.