Kimberly S. Brown, 38, of Zion.

Prosecutors say a Zion woman accused her neighbors of practicing witchcraft and then intentionally lit a fire at the front door of their residence in Zion.

Kimberly S. Brown, 38, of Zion, was charged with residential arson and aggravated battery of a peace officer.

Lake County Assistant State’s Attorney Lillian Lewis said the Zion Police Department responded around 7:30 p.m. on August 4 for a report of a neighbor dispute.

Officers learned Brown had been beating on the door of her next-door neighbor.

Brown had accused the neighbors of witchcraft and tried getting into their front door, Lewis said.

Brown then set a fire at the door using rubbing alcohol, Lewis said.

Officers saw damage to the door and to the wood under the door leading into the residence.

The victims had taken a cellphone video showing Brown holding the bottle of rubbing alcohol and screaming that the neighbors are witches.

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When the neighbors opened the door when the fire was set, Brown tried putting the rubbing alcohol on them, Lewis said.

Officers attempted to make contact with Brown, who had refused to open her door. Officers eventually got in and attempted to arrest her.

Brown slapped one of the officers in the face, Lewis said.

Brown admitted to trying to set the victims’ house on fire and made reference to “killing all the witches.”

Lake County Judge Paul Novak ordered Brown, who requested to represent herself in the case, held on a $500,000 bond.

Brown remains held in the Lake County Jail and would need to post $50,000 cash in order to be released.