Two police cars were damaged after a driver crashed into them while the officers were on a traffic stop on northbound Route 41 in Lake Bluff early in the morning on October 28. | Screengrab

Authorities are reminding motorists to abide by Scott’s Law and move over after a car slammed into two police squads that were on a traffic stop in Lake Bluff.

The Lake Bluff Police Department released video of the crash Friday and said it occurred two weeks ago.

A vehicle drove into the back of a stopped Lake Bluff police squad around 2:25 a.m. on October 28.

The squad was pushed into a second stopped squad car that was positioned in front of it.

The three Lake Bluff police officers were on foot away from the cars when the collision occurred in the northbound lanes of Route 41 on the northern border of Lake Bluff.

The officers, who were making an arrest, were uninjured, police said.

The officers were out on a traffic stop for a vehicle that committed a minor traffic violation, records show.

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The stop was conducted approximately 20 minutes prior to the crash.

Police records show the driver on the original traffic stop had an active warrant out of Lake County.

Police officials said a similar crash involving one of their squad cars occurred in 2021.

The department said drivers should be reminded of Scott’s Law, also known as the move-over law.

“Help keep all first responders, tow truck drivers, and construction crews safe by following Scott’s Law, which requires motorists to move over (if safe) AND slow down when passing any illuminated roadside emergency vehicles,” the department said.

The Lake Bluff Fire and Rescue Department said working near traffic is “without a doubt, one of the most dangerous things we do.”

“When you see flashing lights ahead, MOVE OVER! It’s the law!” the fire department said.

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