A fire began in an industrial dryer but was quickly extinguished by staff and firefighters StoryPoint Libertyville, 901 Florsheim Drive in Libertyville, earlier this week. | Provided Photo

Fire officials are hailing the quick response of staff for containing a fire at an assisted living facility in Libertyville after a fire alarm was activated.

The Libertyville Fire Department said on Friday they responded to a fire alarm earlier this week at StoryPoint Libertyville, 901 Florsheim Drive.

A fire began in an industrial dryer of the assisted living facility and activated the fire alarm.

The fire alarm system notified the staff, fire department and occupants.

Fire doors automatically closed when the alarm went off, which limited the spread of smoke, fire officials said.

Staff went to the area of the fire and used working fire extinguishers from nearby to control the fire.

Fire crews arrived to complete extinguishment, perform overhaul and help with the cleanup.

Fire officials say a third layer of fire protection, the fire sprinkler system, was not needed due to the early notification and quick response of the staff.

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“This is a win for fire prevention. The Fire Department requires businesses to maintain fire alarm systems (which includes the fire doors) and have working fire extinguishers throughout their building,” the fire department said.

Fire officials say fire systems and fast-acting bystanders can prevent major incidents. “Kudos to the staff at Story Point in Libertyville for acting quickly and stopping what could have led to a disaster.”