Animal control transported an injured opossum to Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation after the animal was trapped in a window well at a residence in Lake County on Monday. | Provided Photo

A wildlife care organization is treating an opossum who was rescued after being found injured and trapped in a window well by a resident in Lake County.

Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation said on Monday that they were contacted by Lake County Animal Control.

The organization is a licensed non-profit wildlife rehabilitation center based in Barrington that cares for injured and orphaned wildlife.

Animal control had responded to a call from a resident in Lake County who found an injured opossum.

The opossum had fallen through a window well cover and was stuck in the window well, the organization said.

The opossum was emaciated, dehydrated and had frostbite on his ears.

The officer from Lake County Animal Control realized the animal was in trouble and brought him to Flint Creek Wildlife instead of releasing him.

The non-profit said the opossum was being treated at their facility and receiving subcutaneous fluids, appropriate nourishment and treatment for the frostbite.

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“A shout out to Lake County Animal Control and the resident who realized that he was in the window well!” Flint Creek said.