Carlos E. Kidd, 44, of Evansville, Indiana.

Two suspects committed a home invasion in Vernon Hills and duct-taped a woman’s face, hands and ankles before robbing her. A judge called it one of the most “callous and dangerous” cases that he has seen.

The Vernon Hills Police Department responded to a residence on Farmingdale Circle on October 28 for a 911 call reporting their neighbor was screaming for help.

Lake County Assistant State’s Attorney Mary Vukovich said a woman was outside yelling for help.

Officers found the woman had her hands bound behind her back with zip ties. Her head was completely covered in duct tape.

She told officers someone had broken into her home and attacked her before leaving, Vukovich said.

Paramedics transported her to the hospital for treatment.

Vukovich said officers learned the woman was sleeping when she was awoken by her bedroom light and someone pushed her head down into her pillow.

A male voice said “We are here for your drugs,” according to Vukovich. The victim felt something hard against her head like a gun.

The victim’s hands were zip-tied behind her back. Vukovich said the suspects threatened to kill the woman if she moved or looked at them.

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Two suspects rummaged through the victim’s house for approximately 20 minutes.

The suspects then returned and wrapped duct tape around the zip ties on the woman’s hands and duct taped her head, Vukovich said.

They asked the woman for the password to her phone and she provided it to them, Vukovich said.

The suspects also asked the victim for her bank information and bank pin but she told them she did not know it.

The victim was eventually able to get outside and yell for help after the suspects left.

Vukovich said prescription medication, a cellphone, two laptops and a wallet were reported to be taken.

Detectives reviewed surveillance video and license plate readers and located a vehicle in the area at the time of the offense that had a DoorDash sign on it.

The victim told detectives she frequently ordered DoorDash previously, Vukovich said.

Detectives learned the same vehicle was located and seized by police in Indiana during a traffic stop.

The vehicle was driven by Carlos E. Kidd, 44, of Evansville, Indiana, who is the registered owner of the car.

Vukovich said the victim’s credit card was located in Kidd’s wallet. Black duct tape, a white glove, zip ties, a DoorDash sign and a prescription medication bottle were also located.

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After the home invasion, the victim’s stolen cell phone was pinged to the same locations where Kidd’s phone pinged in Vernon Hills before the woman’s phone was tossed on the road, Vukovich said.

Web browser data showed Kidd, who has a lengthy criminal history, performed several searches containing “home invasion” keywords, Vukovich said.

Kidd has been charged with home invasion, residential burglary, criminal trespass to residence and unlawful restraint.

The Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office filed a petition to detain Kidd pending trial, calling him a real and present danger to the community.

Lake County Judge Theodore Potkonjak granted the petition and remanded Kidd to the Lake County Jail.

The judge said he could only contemplate the kind of fear the victim went through during the ordeal.

“It’s about as callous and dangerous type of case that the court’s had in front of it in quite a while,” Potkonjak said.

The victim, who spoke to Lake and McHenry County Scanner but did not wish to be publicly named, said she was awoken by the suspects throwing a towel on the back of her head before they pushed her face into the back of her pillow.

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The woman said she did not know why the suspects believed she had drugs. She only has medication that treats her chronic Lupus disease.

She said the suspects wrapped her entire head in duct tape except for her nose, zip-tied her hands and reinforced it with duct tape and duct-taped her ankles.

The victim worked for an extensive time to break free from the duct tape around her ankles so that she could escape her home and scream for help.

Paramedics transported her to the hospital for treatment. She suffered abrasions all over her wrists and had to have the duct tape ripped out of her hair.

“I think people should be aware of what’s going on in their communities,” she said, adding that she has been suffering panic attacks from the incident. “It’s been a lot to deal with even a month later.”

Kidd is scheduled to appear in court again on January 2 for a preliminary hearing.