U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to El Paso Sector, El Paso Station intercept a group of approximately 127 migrants on March 7, 2019. | Photo: CBP Photographer Jaime Rodriguez Sr.

The village board is set to vote on an ordinance Tuesday that will allow Buffalo Grove to impound buses and fine operators if they drop off migrants without approval.

The Buffalo Grove Village Board is set to vote on a proposed ordinance amending a chapter of the town’s municipal code.

It would allow the police chief to regulate unscheduled bus stops by implementing an application requirement.

Operators of buses will be required to provide a minimum of five days’ notice about a migrant drop-off.

The application would require that the operator of the bus provide a detailed plan identifying how the individuals being dropped off will be cared for, housed and fed — either temporarily or permanently.

A violation of the ordinance could result in fines of $300-$1,000 per occurrence and allow for the impoundment of the bus.

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In a memorandum from Buffalo Grove Chief of Police Brian Budds and Village Manager Dane Bragg to the board, the officials explained how the City of Chicago recently implemented an ordinance curbing unscheduled bus drop-offs of migrants from Texas.

Since Chicago’s ordinance went into effect, buses are now being diverted from the city to the suburbs.

Waukegan, Highland Park and Libertyville recently received unscheduled bus drop-offs at their Metra train stations.

“The Village has significant concerns for the health and safety of its residents and potential passengers who could be dropped off unannounced at its facilities. Passengers dropped off outside of Metra scheduled service hours would be unable to find transportation to the designated landing zone and there is limited shelter from inclement weather available on-site,” the memo said.

“Further, an unscheduled drop-off could occur without the Village’s knowledge, leaving passengers exposed to the elements and without food or water,” the memo added.

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Several towns in the Chicago area have already passed measures similar to Buffalo Grove’s proposed ordinance.

The village board is scheduled to meet at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday where they will vote on the ordinance.