A U.S. Border Patrol agent apprehends migrants who surrendered to him after crossing the Rio Grand River in El Paso Texas on March 18, 2019. | Photo: Mani Albrecht / DVIDS

The Crystal Lake City Council has approved an ordinance allowing the city to impound buses and fine operators dropping off migrants without notice as Marengo is set to vote on a similar measure.

The council unanimously passed the ordinance, which ratified the mayor’s December executive order, on Tuesday evening. It went into effect immediately.

“The unscheduled character of No Notice Buses precludes effective responses to the needs of Asylum Seekers, especially during periods of inclement or severe weather conditions,” a city memorandum said.

“In order to assist in providing timely and effective services relating to Asylum Seekers, preserving traffic safety, establishing an orderly means for handling an influx of Asylum Seekers and others who might arrive in the City, and promoting the health, safety, and welfare of the public (whether residents of Crystal Lake or otherwise), the proposed ordinance establishes regulations relating to No Notice Buses,” the memo said.

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The ordinance requires bus operators to file an application with the city and pay a $350 license application fee.

Bus operators who have their applications approved must then pay a $1,000 license fee along with a $1,000 per passenger tax prior to dropping off migrants within Crystal Lake.

The buses are required to drop off at a designated location only from the hours of 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

They can also only drop off if the temperature is above 25 degrees and below 90 degrees.

Bus operators who do not follow the rules are subject to a $500-$750 fine for each violation.

Passenger buses located overnight in Crystal Lake are subject to towing and impoundment, the ordinance says.

In December, a bus dropped off migrants unscheduled at the Crystal Lake Pingree Road Metra station.

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Crystal Lake is the third city in McHenry County to pass a bus ordinance after Woodstock and McHenry passed measures over two weeks ago.

The City of Marengo is also set to vote on a migrant bus ordinance during its city council meeting on Monday.

“The City of Marengo is not in a position to care for a large influx of individuals who do not have the resources to provide housing and other basic necessities for themselves,” Marengo Assistant City Administrator Nick Radcliffe said in a memorandum recommending the proposed ordinance be approved.

The ordinance proposes a minimum fine for bus operators of $750 per passenger dropped off without a city-approved application.