Osmar Benavides-Olivas, 26, of Waukegan.

Prosecutors say a man, who was a “total stranger,” sexually abused a young child after she walked out of her apartment to take the trash out in Waukegan.

Osmar Benavides-Olivas, 26, of Waukegan, was charged with one count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse of a child, a Class 2 felony.

Lake County Assistant State’s Attorney Mary Daly said Benavides-Olivas, a complete stranger, approached an 11-year-old child around 7 p.m. on January 2.

The girl had exited her apartment to throw out trash outside in the 2100 block of Georgetown Lane in Waukegan.

While the child was outside, Benavides-Olivas approached her and asked for her name and age, Daly said.

The child told Benavides-Olivas she was 11 years old. Benavides-Olivas then asked for the girl’s phone number, Daly said.

The girl entered another person’s phone number into the phone instead of her own.

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Daly said Benavides-Olivas hugged the child and kissed her on the cheek. He then placed his hands on the child’s shoulders and kissed the girl on her lips, Daly said.

The child immediately told her mother and the mother called 911.

Officers located Benavides-Olivas and learned he lives in the same apartment complex as the victim.

Benavides-Olivas was interviewed and told detectives that the child was pretty and he wanted her contact information, Daly said.

Benavides-Olivas also said he was aware of the child’s approximate age and mentioned that a jury would think the child was 12 or 13 years old, according to Daly.

He admitted to kissing the child for sexual gratification, Daly said, adding that Benavides-Olivas is both a threat to the community and a willful flight risk.

The Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office filed a petition to detain Benavides-Olivas, who is from Nicaragua, pending trial.

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A public defender argued Benavides-Olivas is not a willful flight risk and said prosecutors did not present evidence on his immigration status.

The attorney said Benavides-Olivas has no criminal history in the United States.

Lake County Judge Theodore Potkonjak granted the petition and remanded Benavides-Olivas to the Lake County Jail.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for February 13.