File Photo – Lake Forest High School | Photo: Lake Forest Police Foundation

School officials say a food service worker has been fired after they gave their phone number to a student at Lake Forest High School.

Lake Forest School Districts 115 and 67 Superintendent Matthew Montgomery sent a letter to parents and staff on Friday.

Montgomery said a temporary Lake Forest High School food service worker who was contracted through an employment agency was terminated.

Administrators at Lake Forest High School received a report on February 21 that the worker had passed a note with a phone number on it to a student.

The administrators confirmed the accusation by reviewing security footage and immediately removed the employee from the food service setting before launching a full investigation, Montgomery said.

The food service employee was removed from the school property within an hour.

A complaint regarding the employee’s misconduct was filed with the employment agency.

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Montgomery said administrators also contacted the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) to file a formal complaint and have worked with both the student and parents throughout the incident and the investigation.

The school district said they are working with the employment agency to ensure the expectations of staff conduct and student interactions are reviewed at regular intervals following initial orientation.

“Any incident, such as what was reported, will not be tolerated,” Montgomery said.

“We are proud that our students understood appropriate boundaries and were comfortable coming forward to share the information about the interaction with the temporary employee with a trusted adult,” Montgomery said.