A worker from The Davey Tree Expert Company scales a tree to rescue a Canada Goose that was stuck on a tree branch in Deer Park Saturday morning. | Photo: Flint Creek Wildlife

A tree service company worked to rescue an injured Canada Goose who was dangling from a tree approximately 40 feet in the air in Deer Park Saturday morning.

The Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation said homeowners called the fire department Friday evening about a goose that was stuck in a tree on their property.

The fire department was unable to rescue the goose.

Flint Creek Wildlife, which is a licensed non-profit wildlife rehabilitation center based in Barrington that cares for injured and orphaned wildlife, was later notified.

The goose was dangling from the tree by her leg, which was stuck in a branch, the organization said.

She had been suspended approximately 35-40 feet high since at least 6 p.m. Friday.

The Davey Tree Expert Company was contacted Saturday morning and two workers, Ernesto and Pedro, responded after learning about the situation.

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A Canada Goose was rescued by a tree company worker after she became stuck on a tree branch in Deer Park Saturday morning. | Photos: Flint Creek Wildlife

Pedro climbed the tree and roped off the limb from which the goose was hanging so that he could lower it.

The worker cut the limb and lowered the goose to the ground, the organization said.

“Given the goose’s location in the tree and the structure of the tree itself, trust me when I tell you that this rescue was way more impressive than it sounds!” Flint Creek Wildlife said.

The goose’s leg was not fractured and no serious injuries were noted.

The goose was transported to Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation’s center to receive medical care.

“Without Davey Tree, she would have died dangling 35 feet in the air,” the organization said, adding that Davey Tree performed “one of the most amazing rescues.”