(Left to Right): Yaid A. Rodriguez-Parra, 27, and Camilo J. Mendoza, 24, and Mariah B. Pinzon-Alvardo, 28.

Four alleged members of a nationwide burglary crew targeting business owners were arrested after a law enforcement task force conducting surveillance watched some of them burglarize a home in Lake Zurich.

Yaid A. Rodriguez-Parra, 27, of Berwyn, and Camilo J. Mendoza, 24, whose address is unknown, were both charged with residential burglary and contributing to the criminal delinquency of a minor. Mariah B. Pinzon-Alvardo, 28, of Queens, New York, was charged with residential burglary.

The North Regional Major Crimes Task Force (NORTAF) was in Lake Zurich on April 6 monitoring a residential burglary crew.

The car associated with the crew was spotted going toward a house, according to Lake County Assistant State’s Attorney Ayah Elfarra.

The task force watched a suspect, later identified as Rodriguez-Parra, exit the car and open a gate.

Rodriguez-Parra entered the backyard and went to the rear of the home, Elfarra said.

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NORTAF continued surveilling and noticed Rodriguez-Parra was accompanied by a juvenile offender.

Officers heard glass breaking and something being pried open, Elfarra said. The offenders were no longer at the rear of the home and a hole was seen in a glass door.

The offenders later left the scene and officers went into the home, which they confirmed had been burglarized and one of the rooms was completely ransacked. The front door was also left open.

The suspect vehicle was stopped by NORTAF minutes later at Route 12 and Lake Cook Road in Deer Park.

Elfarra said a second suspect vehicle, driven by Pinzon-Alvardo, was also stopped and four suspects were taken into custody between the two cars.

A pillowcase with a large amount of jewelry, belonging to the Lake Zurich homeowner, was recovered.

The four suspects were interviewed. Pinzon-Alvardo claimed she had no connection to the other subjects and was on her way to a mall but could not say what mall or where it was located, Elfarra said.

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Pinzon-Alvardo was seen in the neighborhood of the burglary driving in circles, which investigators believe she was conducting countersurveillance, Elfarra said.

Elfarra said Pinzon-Alvardo’s vehicle followed the second suspect vehicle in a “very obvious and reckless manner” to remain close to them.

The juvenile offender admitted they came to the house with a plan to break in and that one of the suspects called Pinzon-Alvardo to come to the area.

Mendoza admitted he was present and served as the driver and main lookout, Elfarra said.

Investigators witnessed two of the suspects involved casing the Lake Zurich home two days prior to the burglary.

One of the suspects said they used an online directory to search for local business owners and find their home addresses, Elfarra said.

Rodriguez-Parra was also linked to another burglary in Indiana and is suspected of other burglaries throughout the United States, including in California.

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Elfarra said Rodriguez-Parra admitted the crew he works with targets the homes of business owners.

The Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office filed petitions to detain Rodriguez-Parra, Pinzon-Alvardo and Mendoza pending trial. Prosecutors argued the crew will continue burglarizing homes across the country unless they are detained.

Lake County Judge Theodore Potkonjak granted all three petitions to detain the suspects and noted they are all in the country illegally, making them a flight risk.