Royshell L. Rhyan, 32, of North Chicago.

An inmate being held on home invasion charges allegedly struck a corrections officer in the face after she was being combative with staff at the Lake County Jail, authorities said.

Royshell L. Rhyan, 32, of North Chicago, has been held in the Lake County Jail since February 2022.

She was arrested following a home invasion where she allegedly attacked a 69-year-old man with an axe in North Chicago.

Rhyan was charged with home invasion with a dangerous weapon and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

She now faces new charges of aggravated battery to a peace officer, which were announced last week.

The charge stems from an incident on May 4 when a corrections officer was retrieving food trays from inmates assigned to the maximum security unit of the jail, according to Lake County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chief Christopher Covelli.

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The corrections officer opened the chuckhole on the jail door to collect the tray from Rhyan.

The woman screamed “no” and stuck her arm out of the chuckhole, Covelli said.

Rhyan refused to move her arm in order for the chuckhole to be closed.

The woman was warned she would be pepper sprayed if she continued to defy orders.

Covelli said Rhyan did not comply with the directions to move her arms inside her cell and was pepper sprayed.

She was being transported to decontamination when she allegedly struck a corrections officer in the face.

Rhyan was restrained to prevent another battery to correctional staff, Covelli said.