Joe Cicero and Tina Bree are seen together in 2010, a year into their partnership as morning drive hosts on Star 105.5, and again in 2024, 15 years into their partnership. | Photos: Star 105.5

The Star 105.5 morning show duo Joe Cicero and Tina Bree are celebrating 15 years on the air with a listener appreciation event at the McHenry Outdoor Theater.

Cicero and Bree began working together in 2009. The duo are celebrating 15 years together, which is nearly twice as long as the average U.S. marriage.

The two say they are great friends who have a blast together on and off the air.

The lighthearted bantering between Cicero and Bree has become a staple of morning routines throughout McHenry County.

“Is this the poisoned coffee or is this the regular coffee?” Cicero said as Bree returned to the studio with cups in hand during a recent morning show off-air moment. “I guess we’ll find out,” she said.

Bree was working in the Crystal Lake-based station’s promotions department in 2009 when Cicero was hired to do the morning show.

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They worked on weekend promos together and Cicero occasionally brought Bree on to the morning show.

The duo will be celebrated during a special listener appreciation night starting at 6 p.m. on July 11 at the McHenry Outdoor Theater, 1510 Chapel Hill Road in McHenry.

The event will feature giveaways ranging from free popcorn to a full dinner at the concession stand, movie passes, carload passes and more. Regular admission will apply.

Features for the night are “Despicable Me 4” followed by “Inside Out 2.” Those listening to Joe and Tina Mornings have additional chances to win.

Tina Bree laughs as Joe Cicero jokes about coffee in the Star 105.5 studio on a recent Tuesday morning. The pair are celebrating 15 years as an on-air duo. | Photo: Cynthia Wolf | Wolf Wordsmithing

“Joe and Tina have done so much in the community about raising awareness for breast cancer early detection,” said Suzanne Hoban, executive director of the Family Health Partnership Clinic.

“They’ve been an integral part of our Care4 race for years, and in doing so, have not only raised significant amounts of money, but also talked openly and honestly about breast cancer and the people it impacts,” Hoban said.

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“We don’t know how many people have been motivated by Joe and Tina to get their mammograms,” she said, “but I believe that it’s a big number.”

Scott Dehn, owner of the McHenry Outdoor Theater, said he thinks the key to the duo’s enduring popularity is simple.

“What you hear on the radio is exactly who they are in real life,” Dehn said.

Bree said many listeners have taken to referring to their show as “reality radio.” During their recent Tuesday show, they suffered a computer crash and mouse glitch on the air.

The duo is heard on Star 105.5 in the suburbs of Chicago from 5-10 a.m. on Monday through Friday.

“People tell us they used to listen to us on their school bus,” Bree said.

“And now they have kids,” Cicero said. “It’s so weird.”

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