A bullfrog is undergoing treatment at Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation after it was run over by a car on Lake Cook Road this past weekend. | Provided Photo

A woman rescued an injured bullfrog, which is now recovering at a rehab facility, after the animal was run over by a car on a busy street on the border of Lake and Cook counties.

Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation said Sunday that a woman named Angela rescued a bullfrog from Lake Cook Road on the border of Wheeling and Buffalo Grove.

The organization is a licensed non-profit wildlife rehabilitation center based in Barrington that cares for injured and orphaned wildlife.

The frog’s leg was run over by a car near the Walmart store, the organization said.

The frog’s left rear leg sustained multiple fractures.

The wildlife rehabilitation facility is treating the frog medically and hopes that they can save her leg.

The organization said on Wednesday that the frog has a long healing process due to the number of fractures.

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“Thank you, Angela, for seeing her, stopping for her and bringing her to us for care,” the organization said.

“Furred, feathered, scaled, shelled or smooth like this frog should not matter when it is a living thing!”