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Welcome to Lake & McHenry County Scanner! We post 24/7 about breaking news incidents as they happen in Lake & McHenry Counties in Illinois. We have multiple admins on our team helping post news incidents who are all volunteers (we don’t get paid). Lake & McHenry County Scanner is not affiliated with any fire, police, EMS, or government agency. We are a local news agency. 

On our social media pages we post breaking news as it happens in real time to our over 100,000 social media followers. Not all information is 100% accurate and complete since we are relaying what 911 dispatchers and first responders report over the radio. On our website we post follow-up news articles with more in-depth information on them.

Our website and social media pages are not always monitored or covered 24/7. We don’t get paid since we are volunteers and we have other things than this to do.

We welcome any questions or concerns that you have.

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Facebook and Twitter Social Media Page Rules

We would like to say welcome to all our new followers (if you are new). We would also like to take a minute to address some rules since we do have so many new followers and need to address a set of rules.

This page is here to keep you informed of events that are happening in Lake and McHenry Counties.

These rules are set and are not up for debate.

Rules List

1. If you use curse words you will receive one public warning and then you will be banned, no questions asked; (no “real bad” curse words or you will be banned).

2. If you post anything derogatory or racist comments it’s an automatic ban.

3. Do not post anything about shooting, killing, or harming suspects when we post incidents.

4. Do not go on a rant bashing the cities we cover or any of its Police Officers/Firefighters/EMS/Dispatchers or city officials. You have your own personal social media pages and can do what you want there. It will not be tolerated here.

5. NEVER post names of anyone. Respect everyone’s privacy. You will be banned, no questions asked.

6. Keep politics out of discussions. We respect your views but that doesn’t belong here.

7. If you comment tagging someone else, this is considered spam and your comment or reply will be deleted/filtered. This also goes if you post anything unrelated to or comments along the lines of “prayers” or “hope the person will be ok”. These comments clog up the comment section for updates that we post.

8. Anything else the admins find not appropriate could be subject to deletion or possibility of being banned.


A reminder again that we are NOT affiliated with any of the police, fire, EMS, or government agencies.

Please do not send us messages or emails requesting help. If you need assistance call 911 or your local non-emergency number.

Thank you,
Lake & McHenry County Scanner Team.