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About Us


OUR MISSION: To keep you informed about news and crime that happens in your community.

Lake and McHenry County Scanner is a local breaking news website covering issues that matter such as shootings, stabbings, house fires, kidnappings, car accidents, and more around Lake County and McHenry County, Illinois. Founded in 2012, Lake and McHenry County Scanner has over 150,000 social media followers and receives millions of website visitors each month.

On our social media, we post around the clock about breaking news incidents as they happen to our 150,000+ followers. We have multiple editors on our team helping post news incidents who are all volunteers. Lake & McHenry County Scanner is not affiliated with any fire, police, EMS, or government agency. We are a local news website helping our community stay informed.

Our website and social media pages are not always monitored or covered 24/7.

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Social Media Rules

This page is here to keep you informed of events that are happening in Lake and McHenry Counties. These rules are set and not up for debate.

1. If you use curse words it will most likely be filtered by our automatic comment filter.

2. If you post anything derogatory or racist comments your comment could be deleted and you may be banned from our social media account(s).

3. Do not post anything about shooting, killing, or harming suspects and/or victims.

4. Do not bash any police officers/firefighters/EMS/dispatchers. You can do what you want on your personal social media account but it will not be tolerated on our pages.

5. Never post victim names of anyone if it hasn’t been released by authorities yet.

6. Anything else our editors find inappropriate could be subject to deletion and put you at risk of being banned.

REMINDER: We are NOT affiliated with any of the police, fire, EMS, or government agencies.

Please do not send us messages or emails requesting emergency help. If you need assistance call 911 or your local non-emergency number.

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